Appearing in "As Ye Sow"Edit

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Synopsis for "As Ye Sow"Edit

A love story that takes place in a "Night of the Living Dead" type environment. Bands of the dead hunt the few remaining live creatures left to drink their blood. An undead girl finds a living man in a mountain cave and she falls in love with him. There is something strange about her, since she is not completely like the other dead, and she can conceive. When her pregnancy begins to show, the other undead members of her family realize that there is a living man nearby and they succeed in locating and capturing him. The girl rushes back to the cabin when she finds him missing from the cave and uses the cross as a weapon against her family to prevent them from cutting his throat and drinking his blood. The father uses his shotgun point blank and blows off half her face. The family make a deal with her to spare the man. They breed the two of them, and drink the blood of the infant children that result from their pairings.

Appearing in "Kui"Edit

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Synopsis for "Kui"Edit

Two explorers are killed when they trigger a trap in an ancient tomb.

Appearing in "The Super-Abnormal Phenomena Survival Kit"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Super-Abnormal Phenomena Survival Kit"Edit

This is a gag story along the lines of How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Appearing in "The Shadow of the Axe!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Shadow of the Axe!"Edit

When an eight year old boy realizes that his father is an axe murderer, he slays him.

Appearing in "Visitation at Pliny Marsh"Edit

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Synopsis for "Visitation at Pliny Marsh"Edit

An alien's spaceship reanimates the body of a murder victim dead for twenty four years which seeks revenge.

Appearing in "The Pit in the Living Room Floor!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Pit in the Living Room Floor!"Edit

A man hears scratching at his floorboards and when a man breaks through he shoots him with his rifle. He gathers rope and descends through the hole until he finally reaches boards at the bottom. When he breaks through he is shot by a rifle wielded by himself.


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