Appearing in "The Execution!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Execution!"Edit

The chief engineer responsible for pulling the switch on the electric chair was a witness to the whereabouts of the condemned man and could have provided an alibi, but keeps silent and pulls the switch.

Appearing in "Murder The Lover!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Murder The Lover!"Edit

A man resolves to murder his best friend after he catches him with his wife and make it appear as a hunting accident. His first blast misses and goes into the underbrush, but his second shot kills the man. He tosses his rifle away in revulsion at the act he has committed, and that is when the charging wounded bull moose bursts from the underbrush and bears down upon him.

Appearing in "Murder The Husband!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Murder The Husband!"Edit

A man who can't swim plots to murder his rival out on the lake, but the bullets he pumps through his victim go through the bottom of the rowboat and he drowns.

Appearing in "Snooze to Me!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Snooze to Me!"Edit

When a woman finds out that her husband is having an affair, she thinks that she can get him back by swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills and then having her maid call an ambulance before they kill her. What she doesn't know is that her husband is having an affair with the maid.

Appearing in "Paralyzed!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Paralyzed!"Edit

When a husband threatens to walk out on his wife, she wrecks the car hoping to kill them both. They survive, so she pretends to be paralyzed so he won't leave her. He discovers she has been shamming, so she decides to kill him. She buries him in the cellar and later a fire breaks out. She stands up abruptly, but after so much time in the wheelchair, so loses her footing and falls. She finds that she actually cannot get up now and burns to death in the fire.


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