Appearing in "This'll Kill You!"Edit

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Synopsis for "This'll Kill You!"Edit

An April Fool's prank backfires on a bioweapons researcher when the victim of the prank takes it seriously and kills him.

Appearing in "Standing Room Only"Edit

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Synopsis for "Standing Room Only"Edit

A man murders his twin sister and her rich husband and attempts to pose as the woman to inherit the wealth. The estate lawyer phones the police when they go to a restaurant and the 'widow' enters the men's restroom.

Appearing in "Return Blow"Edit

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Synopsis for "Return Blow"Edit

A man sends a bomb to a rich old lady who has named him a beneficiary in her will, but she dies, so his girlfriend shows him the bomb package from the post office marked "deceased" just before it is timed to go off.

Appearing in "Last Resort"Edit

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Synopsis for "Last Resort"Edit

A man murders his wife and dumps her body in the lake of a town they are visiting, but he doesn't know that the town is a tourist attraction because of the crystal clear water.


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