Quote1 Superman... You did this... You killed me... Quote2
-- Kriss-Kross

Appearing in "The Chaos Network"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Corply
  • Gleason FBI
  • Basketball Coach



  • U.S. Defense Satellites


  • U.S.S. Rayburn an aircraft carrier
  • Poseidon Nuclear Submarine

Synopsis for "The Chaos Network"Edit

Superman and Firestorm are opposed by Kriss-Kross, a terrorist whose body fused with the high-tech equipment he was stealing to give him super-powers.



  • Gerry Conway apologizes to Claire Sterling and "her brilliant book" "the Terror Network" for the name of his story.
  • Ronnie loses the basketball game to Pierce High School.
  • Clark Kent reveals to Firestorm (in this issue) that he is Superman.
  • The narrator refers to Superman as "A Blue Blur" in this issue.
  • According to the "Statement of Ownership" in the letters page, total paid circulation for this title, on average over the previous 12-months was 127,399. Actual paid circulation for issue nearest filing date was 135,604.

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