Quote1.png There's no time to waste! I must summon the Justice League to an emergency meeting! It may well take our combined powers to battle the awesome menace of Starro and its starfish-deputies! Quote2.png
-- Aquaman

Appearing in "Justice League of America"Edit

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Synopsis for "Justice League of America"Edit

This story is reprinted from Brave and the Bold #28.


  • This issue includes a two-page editorial by Robert Greenberger entitled, "A Concept Teaming With Potential".
  • This story is divided into five chapters:
    • Part I: Starro the Conqueror
    • Part II: Starro vs. Green Lantern
    • Part III: Starro vs. Wonder Woman and John Jones
    • Part IV: Starro vs. the Flash
    • Part V: Starro vs. Justice League of America


  • In human guise, the Martian Manhunter's hair is colored blond although it is typically colored brown.

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