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  • Professor Stauffen developed an experimental heavily-modified supremely souped-up 2-engine Dornier DO-217 bomber for transatlantic service.

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  • This issue is reprinted in Justice Society Vol. 1 and Showcase Presents: All-Star Comics Vol. 1 .
  • A Post-Crisis retelling, minus Superman and Batman, appeared in Secret Origins (Volume 2) #31 in 1988.
  • Although the Black Canary, Doctor Mid-Nite, Johnny Thunder, Mister Terrific, Power Girl, Robin, Starman, the Star-Spangled Kid, Wildcat, and Wonder Woman all appear in the symbolic splash panel, and all would later become members of the Justice Society, none of these characters took part in this story.
  • It's November 1940; Jay Garrick and Alan Scott have so far only taken down crooked construction contractors, corrupt police commissioners, and low-level racketeers. Major Streicher is Green Lantern's 2nd Nazi mad scientist, and Murder Machine is definitely his first giant robot. Flash has so far in his career encountered few mad-science villains: the Faultless Four, Henry Smith with his metal disintegrator, and the giant-gila-monsters guy. Batman has by this time encountered what? Carl Kruger with his death-ray and Hugo Strange with his monster-men and Hugo Vreekill with his steel melter, and no robots of any size.
  • Alan Scott the Green Lantern is knocked unconscious twice, once with a Valkyrie's spear-butt, and once with the Flash (as flung by the Murder Machine). In the Post-Crisis retelling of this story, GL still had some green power at the time of that 2nd melee, in Berlin; in this version he does not, thus allowing a longer Glasgow-Berlin transit time.
  • Doctor Fate remotely observes Green Lantern get knocked out; has he been monitoring him? For how long? Then the first guy he recruits to do something about it is Hourman.
  • In this Earth-Two story Al Pratt the Atom is shot in the chest with a supernatural burst of Valkyrie spear energy, and survives this treatment, with no real explanation.
    • In All-Star Squadron #7, FDR's recounting of this event includes the fact that "the magic of the formidable Doctor Fate drew out most of the magical poison, so to speak, from your system ... or you WOULD have died."
    • In the Post-Crisis retelling of this story, Al gets speared in the back, with the same mystic whammy that kills FDR, and unlike FDR he survives this treatment.
  • In this Earth-Two story there are nine Valkyries; in the Post-Crisis version of this story there are five.


Hawkman is mistakenly depicted wearing the wrong mask in this story.

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