Appearing in "Orphan"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Woodsman (First appearance)
  • Evan Huebner (First appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Miss Edna Twombly
  • Orphanage kids
  • Demon (Woodsman's husky)
  • Clinic orderlies




  • Freight train
  • Greyhound bus

Synopsis for "Orphan"Edit

On the outskirts of Sheboygan, Dave, the last of the DP7 still at large, desperately tries to get on a freight train. He succeeds, but left to his thoughts, feels guilty about Lenore and Steph getting captured and not going back for them.

Back at the Clinic for Paranormal Research, the rest of the DP7 are under sedation, and Philip Nolan Voigt, Harlan Hackbarth, Dexter Charne, and Tracy Speck argue about their treatment. Voigt asks Speck to help the field team with her telecognitive powers, but when she shouts that she's overworked, he says he'll do it himself. Hackbarth thinks to himself that Randy O'Brien's antibody bothers him the most, as he can't control it, but thinks it's strange he hasn't seen it since Randy was captured.

Elsewhere, the antibody crashes into the backyard of an orphanage, watched from a window by one of the kids, Evan Huebner. He sneaks outside and the antibody touches him, sharing its memories of Randy and the others before diving inside his body. However, the manager of the orphanage Miss Twombly catches him outside and drags him back in. She starts to spank him but the antibody's hand grabs hers. Terrified, the old woman runs away.

On the freight train, Dave looks out of the car he's in, only to see hunters on the side and roof of the next car, searching for him. He takes down three of them before a fourth shoots him from behind with tranqs. Dave dives off the train into the snow, but one of the hunters follows him.

Back at the Clinic, Tracy hands her resignation in to Voigt, but is surprised that he knew what she'd say before she said it. Once she's outside the office, she decides to peer inside Voigt's mind, but is shocked to find him looking back, and faints.

Evan is attacked by bullies on the way to school, but Randy's antibody emerges and knocks them aside. The antibody writes in the snow that it's dying and needs to find its host.

Dave is passed out in the snow and is found by a mysterious stranger, the Woodsman, and his dog Demon. The Woodsman carries Dave back to his cabin and digs the tranq darts out of him. When Dave wakes, he gives him food and Dave tells him there are men after him. When the dog hears a noise outside, the Woodsman grabs a bow and goes outside to investigate.

At the Clinic, Tracy tells Dexter she had a weird dream about Voigt, and he tells her it was just a dream, but she doesn't know he used his power to erase her memory of what really happened.

Evan travels with the antibody in a Greyhound bus toward the Clinic, the two of them having begged and stolen money to pay for it. The lonely Evan asks the antibody if it likes him, and the antibody gives him the thumbs up sign.

Near the Woodsman's cabin, the Woodsman captures the hunter who's been stalking Dave and makes him come back to his cabin. Inside the cabin, Dave and the hunter are shocked to see each other. The Woodsman says the three of them will be having a talk before he decides what to do with them.

At the Clinic, Evan arrives and asks to see Randy O'Brien. Voigt and some orderlies come down to see him, and Voigt says he knows Evan has found the antibody. Evan makes it come out, but it starts to crumble and fade away. Evan cries for it not to leave him, but it turns to dust in his arms, and Evan is left crying that he's alone again.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • D.P.7's tower of strength, David Landers, is forced to make a fateful decision — free his friends from the sinister Clinic, or save himself! For as strong as he is, David fears he does not have the power to do both!


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