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Continued from last issue... The members of the DP7 who have traveled to the remains of Pittsburgh to find their friend Jeff Walters fall into the huge crater that is all that remains of the city. Panicking, they don't know what to do, until Dave punches a handhold in the wall of the crater and catches Lenore, and Randy's antibodies catch him. At Sponge's urging, Charly uses her power of friction to cause the rest of them to stick to the wall.

Telling Charly to relax her power for a few moments, Randy has his antibodies fly Sponge, Lenore and Mutator out, leaving Charly, Randy, one of Randy's antibodies and Dave behind. However, only two of the other antibodies come back. Randy has the three of them try to lift Dave, but he's too heavy for them, so instead they fly Randy and Charly out, leaving Dave hanging on alone.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, Chuck Harrington drives to the Clinic for Paranormal Research, intending to take his estranged wife Steph, who is in a coma, back home with him.

Back at the 'Pitt,' Randy and Charly reach the surface, to find Lenore and Mutator, but no sign of Sponge or the antibody that carried her out. Randy sends the other antibodies to look for them.

Nearby, Sponge and the antibody are being pursued by Spitfire, who is patrolling the area. Spitfire orders them to halt, but when they don't she opens fire on them. Sponge has it drop her off on a roof, and when the antibody is joined by the other two and they approach Spitfire, she blows one of them apart with her thrusters. The other paranormals arrive, and Randy absorbs the head of the blown apart antibody back into him. Mutator climbs up on to the roof to save Sponge, but she's grossed out at the thought of him touching her. Meanwhile, Lenore and Charly use the paranormal powers to bring Spitfire down. Spitfire's systems freeze up and she crashes. Charly uses her power to stick Spitfire in place as they question her. Deciding to let her free, they're surprised when Spitfire takes off her helmet to see she's a woman. She tries to get her armor working again so she can help the paranormals rescue Dave.

Meanwhile, in the Pitt, a tremor causes Dave to fall further down the crater, landing on an outcrop near the bottom. He's shocked to see the lava that has formed at the bottom, and then to see a blurry shape whizzing by. Seeing the blur again, Dave realizes it's Jeff and puts an arm out to stop him, accidentally breaking his ribs. Jeff says he's been running around the crater ever since he went looking for his family, who were in Pittsburgh at the time it was destroyed. Dave tries to talk him out of his grief, and says he's going to carry Jeff out of the Pitt, and starts to climb out with Jeff on his back.

Back at the Clinic, Chuck pleads with the comatose Steph to forgive him, and amazingly, she starts to sparkle again, and put her hand on his head.

At the Pitt, Dave falls when a rock comes away in his hands, and he and Jeff fall onto a rock that is slowly being overtaken with lava. As the lava creeps up toward him, Dave thinks about Steph and his dead family, preparing to die, but at the last second, Spitfire and Randy's remaining antibodies swoop in and save Dave and Jeff...


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  • There's a thrilling cliffhanger in store for D.P.7... and we mean that literally! Can anything save the members of the team when they take a 25-mile fall into the Pitt? Spitfire guest stars in "Pitfall!"


The issue contains a rundown of the Clinic's staff and patients, including codenames (some of which were not mentioned elsewhere in the series), and a Marvel Universe-style entry on Jeff Walters.

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