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Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Colonel Browning
  • Chuck Harrington
  • Ben Harrington
  • Jill Harrington
  • Emily Harrington
  • Abner Heath (former Clinic security guard)
  • Dan Potratz (County Sheriff)
  • Reporter
  • Cops




  • Dave Landers' Winnebago (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "Siege"Edit

Seven miles from the edge of the Pitt - the large crater where the city of Pittsburgh used to be - Charly and Lenore fly through the air, clinging on to the legs of Mutator, who's currently in a bird-like form, looking for their friends Randy and Sponge. Grossed out by having to touch Mutator, Charlotte remembers events since they last saw their friends.

At the nearby Army outpost, Bloodhound scents the three paranormals, and some search teams are sent after them. Mutator senses a commotion from the base and lands. He says to the two women that he'll fly away to draw the Army away from them, but Lenore tries to persuade him not to, while Charly reluctantly agrees. Mutator thanks Lenore for being kind to him, but flies off anyway and is shot down by the Army. Soldiers try to grab Lenore and Charly, but Lenore tricks them into taking her mask off and she tranquilizes most of them, but is shot (with tranquilizers) from behind. The remaining soldiers throw Charly down at gunpoint and all three are captured.

Back at the Clinic in Wisconsin, Scuzz and his fellow DDTeens play fight in the grounds, openly using their powers. Meanwhile, a disgruntled former Clinic employee is nearby, having led a reporter there to show him the buried remains of Dexter Charne and Tracy Speck - the two Clinic staff who were killed and whose killings were hushed up by the management. The reporter sees the kids and takes photos of them using their powers. Scuzz throws one of his "scuzzballs" at him and the kids run back to the Clinic. The teens realize the Clinic will be in big trouble if its secrets are revealed and resolve to steal a car and hit the road.

At the army camp, Dave and Jeff are in the infirmary, Dave strapped down so he can't escape. Dave sees Pit Bull laying nearby, still unconscious after Dave broke his jaw. The men are visited by Jack Magniconte, who they'd previously met when he was employed by the Clinic to find them when they were on the run. Jack tells them he's enlisted in the Army and is now a captain, and he tells them the government will waive the charges for them trespassing in a restricted zone if they enlist too. He tells them there will soon be a war against the foreign paranormals the government thinks is responsible for the Pitt. Jeff, still grieving for his family, is gung-ho about enlisting, but Dave isn't so sure.

Back at the Clinic, Abner Heath the former Clinic staffer and the reporter have returned with a bunch of cops. Tanis Newhouse, the new Clinic director agrees the show the sheriff around, but dreads what he'll find and hopes the patients will be on their best behavior. Elsewhere in the building, Bazooka and Indigo are making out when one of the cops walks in, gun in hand. Bazooka blasts him, apparently killing him. When one of the other cops comes to investigate, he opens fire, but Indigo creates a shield to deflect the bullet before Bazooka blasts him too.

Other cops in the Clinic hear the shooting and get jumpy. Three of therapy group B - "Scrap Iron", Pamela and Sally - try to make a run for it, with Sally keeping them covered with bolts of electricity. However, Sally takes a shotgun blast in the back and an enraged Scrap Iron (who is superhumanly durable) shrugs off the cop's shotgun blasts, grabs the shotgun off him and beats the cop to death with it. Elsewhere, some of the other patients fight back too, with varying levels of success. The Clinic's physical therapist Juris Ziegler is shot in the back. Finally, the surviving patients barricade the foyer and stand off against the rest of the cops for several minutes and kill them all, but several more patients, including Indigo and Pamela, are shot and apparently killed. Curtis Smith tells Ms Newhouse the death toll and she is distraught, knowing that the Clinic and its dreams of helping paranormals are finished.

At Steph's house in Sheboygan, Steph has reunited with her husband Chuck, who claims he's a changed man and that he accepts her paranormality now. Steph reads to her kids and has a flashback to when Dave read to her while she was in her coma. Afterward, Steph and Chuck drink some Champagne, when they're interrupted by the doorbell. When Steph opens the door, she finds Scuzz and the rest of the DDTeens, who ask if they can come in.

Appearing in "Choices"Edit

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Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Steve Magniconte (Only in flashback)
  • Scott Templar (Only in flashback)
  • Soldiers

Synopsis for "Choices"Edit

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • D.P.7 are prisoners of the Army. And the paranormals in the Clinic are about to wage war against a posse of state troopers. Will the Clinic survive? And where are the DDTeens? Plus: a 6-page featurette which reveals whatever happened to Kickers, Inc.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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