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  • Famileech

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  • C.I.A. helicopter

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In central Brazil, the five female paranormals working for the C.I.A. – Steph, Jenny, Lenore, Charly and Sponge are dropped off in a clearing in the rainforest, ready for their mysterious first mission. All they know is that they are there to track a biological weapon, and some of them, particularly, Charly and Sponge, have serious misgivings about it. As they proceed through the jungle, they find the going getting tougher as the trees are mostly uprooted, and there is little wildlife to be seen. Eventually, the women come across a huge logpile of trees they have to climb over. On the other side is a massive, bare clearing obviously made by something big and heavy moving through the trees.

At Fort Benning's hospital, Randy gives Dave a clean bill of health after his suicide attempt and the resulting surgery. He offers to stall Dave's discharge to delay his court martial and punishment, but Dave says no. Dave floats the idea of them both deserting together, but they decide it's too risky before Sgt. Haldeman arrives to take Dave away.

Back in the rainforest, the ladies discover a deserted village in ruins, its inhabitants all gone. With night setting in, they decide to camp there and Jenny takes first watch. Jenny soon hears a noise and sees a glistening mass surrounding the camp in her torchlight, and realizes the "biological weapon" has found them. She wakes the others up, and as they emerge from their tents, they're attacked by tendrils coming off of what they don't know is the "Famileech."

Back at the hospital, Randy gets ready to discharge another patient - Evan Huebner, whose "Shadowman" (actually Randy's own renegade anti-body that Evan took in) saved Randy and Evan from the Famileech, at the cost of its own life. Evan tells Randy how much the Shadowman meant to him, so Randy produces another anti-body and donates it to him. Evan is thrilled and alters its appearance to look like Shadowman. Evan jumps inside the new Shadowman and flies off. Randy hears a voice, and discovers that Haldeman has seen what happened and that Randy has his antibodies. Randy realizes that he'll now be forced into special forces training and to be posted overseas rather than continuing in his cushy doctor's job.

In Brazil, the women desperately try and fight off the Famileech as it tries to absorb them. Jenny and Sponge are soon grabbed by it, while Steph keeps jumping out of its way and Charly makes herself too slippery for it to grab on to. Lenore meanwhile finds that it's repelled by her fatigue-producing emanations. Sponge starts absorbing moisture from it until she's fit to burst and then expels the water into the dried-up cavity she's created, but then panics that the moisture from the creature might have infected her. Jenny, inside the creature too, thinks its reminds her of the "Pitt Juice" she saved a family from in the Pitt, not realizing the creature is the horribly mutated remains of that family. As the creature can't absorb her metallic body, she fights her way out of it. Steph finds that fire repels the creature and uses burning logs to keep it at bay, while Lenore does the same using her power. Swapping the logs for a burning tree to use as a battering ram, Steph barges through the creature's path with Lenore following. When Lenore trips over, however, she's engulfed by the creature too. Steph tries to find her, but just sees her mask and wig. Steph's body and clothes catch on fire, so she jumps up onto the logpile, out of the creature's reach as her skin regenerates. unable to reach her, the creature retreats, as Steph feels like she failed her friends. She soon passes out from exhaustion.

When Steph wakes up, the creature has gone, and she finds Charly and Jenny have survived - Charly because she remained frictionless so the creature couldn't absorb her, and Jenny because her metallic body protected her from being absorbed. The women see a dessicated lump of the creature has been left behind, and Jenny breaks it open to find Sponge, who drained the area of the creature surrounding her, filled the space with water and survived by drawing oxygen from the water. However, there's no sign of Lenore. Jenny says they can spare three hours to comb the area for her before they have to head for the pick-up area for the chopper to collect them, but Stephanie protests, saying they can't leave Lenore behind. However, the women leave after the three hours have passed, and as they fly away, Steph feels guilty over losing Lenore.


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  • It's now the size of a mountain! It's ravenously rampaging through South America! It's the horrifying Famileech! The C.I.A. is sending a contingent of D.P.7, reinforced with the new paranormal, Chrome, to somehow stop it! But how can anyone destroy a creature whose need to consume has made it virtually all-powerful!


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