Appearing in "The Ditch"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Colonel Myers
  • Sgt. Haldeman
  • Coropral Adessa
  • Private Hamilton Hart (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Military Policeman Boaz
  • Mr. Bertolutti


  • Private Darrell Schissel (Dirtbag) (Only appearance; dies)[1]

Other Characters:

  • C.I.A. base security guards
  • Other paranormal soldiers




  • Army chopper

Synopsis for "The Ditch"Edit

At Fort Benning, Randy is being put through his paces on an assault course, now that it's been discovered he can fly while inside his antibodies. He does well, but Sgt. Haldeman reams him out over his other antibodies' antics. Randy meanwhile dreads being sent to fight overseas. Meanwhile, Dave is in detention after his court martial, along with two other paranormal recruits, the pacifist Private Hamilton Hart, and the murderous Private Darrell Schissel. Colonel Myers arrives, and tells the men he has a mission for them in return for dropping the charges against them - to go to the Pitt and find a civilian scientific team who have gone missing there. Remembering his previous harrowing trip there, Dave refuses, until he hears he'll face life imprisonment in solitary confinement if he doesn't go.

At the C.I.A. training center in Maryland, Steph and Jenny are angrily confronting their superiors for sending them on an apparent suicide mission to South America to face the Famileech, and for Lenore's death. Their superiors deny any such motives, and dismiss them as well as Charly and Sponge until the following day, as the superiors wonder how they'll keep their paranormal agents in line.

In his barracks, Randy is visited by one of his antibodies, which shows him that it visited Dave and saw him off as he was flown off on his mission. Feeling guilty that he let Dave down before, Randy flies off to help him, knowing he'll probably face charges or worse himself.

Steph returns to her residence on the base to find that her husband Chuck has left and taken their kids with him after Steph found out he had AIDS. Furious, Steph starts to smash the house to pieces.

Inside the Pitt, Dave, Hart and Schissel are dropped off by their chopper. Dave is surprised to see a volcano has now formed in the center of the Pitt. DAve and the others are told that if they don't find the scientists in five days, more food will be dropped for them, but they won't be able to return until their mission is accomplished.

Base security come upon Steph as she levels her house in a rage and threaten to shoot her if she doesn't stop. Jenny arrives and says she'll handle the situation, but when she tries to calm Steph down, the two start fighting. Eventually Jenny feigns unconsciousness to snap Steph out of her anger. A clamer Steph then heals her friend's injuries.

Inside the Pitt, Schissel tells Dave the mission is a bogus one, and that they've been sent to the Pitt to die so that they're off the army's hands. He says he'll climb out of the Pitt and escape the country, despite how far it is to climb. Hart, meanwhile, chooses to meditate using his bliss-creating power and do nothing. Dave decides to go after Schissel and leave Hart. Schissel circles back to kill Hart for his rations, using his power to control dust and dirt particles to choke Hart to death. At the top off the Pitt, Randy and his antibodies search for Dave, but Randy is hit by a burst of lava and paralyzed inside his antibody.

Meanwhile, Dave gets caught up in a whirlwind of dirt and realizes too late that he's being attacked by Schissel too. Randy tries to get two of his antibodies to carry him away, but when they touch him they are paralyzed too. Randy then creates as many antibodies as he can, and makes them search for Dave to get help. Schissel approaches the prone Dave to steal his rations, but Dave is shamming, and grabs his hands, crushing them. Schissel summons another dirtstorm, but accidentally knocks himself out with a chunk of rock. Dave hears a rumble, and a landslide tumbles over him, caused by Schissel's attack. Dave pulls himself out of the landslide, but finds Schissel has been crushed to death. Dave then sees some of Randy's antibodies, and they motion to him to follow him to Randy.

Randy meanwhile sees some lava flowing towards him, but he still can't move. Feeling guilty, he creates more antibodies and makes them lay down to create a dam between him and the lava, but they quickly melt and the lava continues toward him. Just in time, Dave arrives and after being surprised that Randy is inside an antibody, he conquers his fear of the lava to run in and grab Randy in the nick of time.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • In a searing tale of honor, redemption and death, D.P.7's Dave Landers and two other paranormals embark on a suicide mission into the Pitt. Do any of them come back alive? That's not as important as what they see...and experience...once they get there!


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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