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Walking back to their apartment with Steph's kids after having bought a Christmas tree, Steph and Jenny are attacked by a gang of muggers. The two women fight back, but stop when one of the gang holds a knife to one of the kids' throats. They're startled by the arrival of another paranormal, who's dressed up in a superhero costume and calls himself Captain Manhattan. The Captain ties the mugger by his pants to the top of a lamppost and leaves him there, and walks the women and kids home. He asks the women if they're interested in joining a paranormal citizens' patrol to fight crime. Steph says no, but Jenny says she'll think about it.

Back at the apartment, Steph and Jenny tell the other ladies what happened. When Sponge suggests Steph move back to Wisconsin to get away from the city, Steph explodes at her because she has no way of getting there. After Steph storms off, Jenny tells Sponge that she's attracted to the Captain.

Back on the street, the mugger the Captain tied to the lamppost is saved by Wild Thing (formerly known as Mutator and now a member of the paranormal street gang the Para Troop). The muggers demand to know why the Para Troop haven't dealt with the Captain, and Wild Thing agrees to take them to see them. The gang's leader Acid Queen listens to the muggers' concerns, then throws them out. She then reams out Wild Thing for bringing them to see her, and punishes Wild Thing with the help of the foul-breathed Wipeout.

Back at the apartment, the ladies tell Dave and Randy about the Captain, and Steph tells them how much she wants to go home to Wisconsin. Randy says maybe they can all chip in to rent her a car. Randy suggests they all take Steph's kids to see the lighting of the tree at Rockerfeller Plaza the following day, and they all go to bed. Dave gets angry at Randy for finding a way to help Steph to leave, but eventually sees the sense in it, and winders if he can tell her he loves her before she leaves.

The next day, around the city, charity-collecting Santas being being abducted by the Para Troop. Later that night, the DP7 and Steph's kids watch the lights being turned on, when the Para Troop arrive and, wearing the Santa outfits they stole, start to steal the tree to draw the Captain out. He appears, and they start ganging up on him. Randy, Jenny and Dave decide to help him against them, with Dave tying a scarf round his face as a disguise. Steph and the others get the kids to safety. The two groups fight, and the Captain and his new friends ultimately win, and are cheered by the crowd. Wild Thing, who escaped, watches them fly off from a hiding place and considers telling his former friends who he is, but decides not to.

The group invite the Captain back to the apartment where he entertains the kids. Dave arrives back at the apartment dressed as Santa and gives presents to the kids before telling Steph he has a present for her - a rental car, and an agreement by Dave to drive her back to Wisconsin. Steph kisses Dave thank-you, while Sponge despairs that she's lost Dave forever.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • There's a three-way battle in the making when the D.P. 7 team not only meets up with the self-appointed protector of New York, Captain Manhattan, but also with the world's first paranormal street gang, the Para-Troop!


The Para Troop are all named after famous rock songs from the 1960s and 1970s - Acid Queen (The Who and Tina Turner), Wild Thing (Jimi Hendrix), Helter Skelter (The Beatles), Aqualung (Jethro Tull), Space Oddity (David Bowie), Wooly Bully (Sam Sham & The Pharaohs), Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix), and Wipeout (The Beach Boys).

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