Quote1.png Man, I can't imagine why she married a skunkbucket like him. Having three kids by him, too! She's such a nice person -- how he could do dirt to her I'll never know. Quote2.png
-- Mastodon

Appearing in "Wompus!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Illegal hunters

Other Characters:

  • Sheriff
  • Local men
  • Farmer
  • Teenage boys
  • Vacationing family
  • Waitress




  • Dave Landers' mobile home and pick-up

Synopsis for "Wompus!"Edit

At a roadside reststop, Dave Landers, Randy O'Brien, and Randy's anti-body scour their truck and trailer for homing devices or transmitters, trying to work out how the Clinic has been tracking them, and surmising that one of the Clinic staff (actually Tracy Speck) must have a paranormality that enables them to spy on them. When a vactioning family pull up at the rest stop, they're freaked out by the DP7's odd appearances and drive off. Randy questions whether instead of staying in Wisconsin, they should put a few states between them and the Clinic.

Jeff Walters has to steal food from a barbecue to keep his super-fast metaboism up, and Randy voices his concern about the petty crimes the group are being forced to commit.

That evening, Randy, Jeff, Scuzz, and Charly go inside a restaurant to dine, while the more obviously paranormal Dave, Steph, and Lenore remain with the trailer outside. Steph sews some clothes for Dave, but when he starts to flirt with her, she becomes uncomfortable. Lenore heads inside for a shower, but when she removes her clothes, her tranquilizing ight effect is seen coming out of the windows by a sheriff and a group of armed local men, who are obviously looking for something.

Feeling awkward around Steph, Dave goes for a walk in the nearby woods, but is caught by the sheriff and his men, who accuse him of being something called the "Wompus," which they suspect of mutilating local cattle. Protesting his innocence, Dave is taken away at gunpoint. When the others get back from dinner, Steph tells them Dave is missing and they search the woods, to no avail.

Locked up in the local police station, Dave is surprised to see Randy's anti-body, and tells it to let Randy know where he is. Later that night, Randy goes to the police station, and after some confusion about the fake name Dave is using, he'd taken to see him, but they won't release him until they conduct a full investigation. Deciding the only way to prove Dave's innocence is to find who's really responsible, the DP7 do some research in town and Scuzz discovers from some local kids that the Wompus is a local legend that supposedly kills cows.

Making their way into a farm at night, the group lead a cow out into a field and Lenore tranquilizes it. Scuzz rouses the farmer and leads him outside where the blurry Jeff, with a fur rug draped around him, pretends to be the Wompus. The farmer shoots at him and misses, and as he runs away, Jeff notices some lights in the woods. Investigating, Jeff finds a group of local teenagers with knives and coolers full of animal organs. Pretending to be the Wompus, Jeff scares them into going to the police and confessing.

Dave is released, and he tells Randy he overheard that the kids were hunters, who were killing every type of animal they could, using the Wompus to cover their tracks. As they drive away, Dave and Randy say it's lucky there's no such thing as a Wompus, when Jeff plays a prank, surprising them in his Wompus get-up.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • When Mastodon is mistaken for a legendary creature of the Northwoods, the D.P. 7 discover that they have to find the real truth behind the legend in order to save their friend. But will their discovery sentence someone else to death?


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