Dagar, the Desert Hawk
Dagar on the cover of All Great Comics #13, with Ayesha in a typical pose. Art by Jack Kamen.
Publication information
Publisher Fox Feature Syndicate
First appearance All Great Comics #13 (December 1947)
Created by Edmond Good (artist)

Dagar, the Desert Hawk was a fictional character that appeared in comic books published by Fox Feature Syndicate. Dagar first appeared in All Great Comics #13 (December 1947), with pencils by Edmond Good.[1]

Dagar was a desert adventurer, in the vein of Tarzan. He usually appeared wearing a traditional Bedouin robe (in the style of Lawrence of Arabia). Dagar's romantic interest was the beautiful Ayesha.

After his first appearance, All Great Comics was renamed Dagar, Desert Hawk, starting with issue #14 (February 1948).[2] The final issue was #23 (April 1949).[3] Dagar made one last appearance in All Top Comics #18 (July 1949).[4]


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