Danielle Baptiste

Real Name
Danielle Anastacia Baptiste
Current Alias
Angelus Sect

Marital Status
Ballet Dancer
College Graduate
First appearance

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Danielle Anastacia Baptiste is the daughter of two police officers Police Captain Peyroux (Sara's Boss) and Amos Baptiste. She left her native New Orleans to travel to New York City to attend college and try to become a classical dancer in New York. Chance brought her into contact with Sara Pezzini (and caused a bizarre occurance with with Witchblade) and later the Curator. Dani began having weird dreams and decided to return to the shop for some answers. During her return trip to the Curator's shop she once again encountered Sara Pezzini. Sara had recently learned that she was pregnant and was looking for a way to ride herself of the Witchblade.

See that the Witchblade had found a suitable replacement, the two agreed and the Witchblade transferred itself to Danielle. While the two initially did not like each other Sara served as Danielle's mentor and they quickly grew to be the best of friends and Dani sees Sara as a surrogate big sister.

Danielle worked with Jackie Estacado and Paitence the Magdalena to protect Sara when the Angelus declared war on her for the child that Sara was carrying. The Darkness force has used Jackie to impregnate Sara in an attempt to tip the balance of power in the favor of the Darkness. After Sara gave birth to her baby girl her life seemed to be slipping away. The Witchblade divided itself between Dani and Sara to save her life.

At first this did not seem to be a bad thing until it was revealed that each host now contained only one aspect of the Balance. Dani controlled the Light aspect of the Witchblade, while Sara possessed the Dark aspect. The two former friends came to blows over the weapon with Sara finally regaining the entire Witchblade, seemingly at the cost of Dani's life.

Finch, Dani's friend and roommate, arrived as the current host of the Angelus Force. The Angelus then revealed that Danielle was always her intended host, and that it had simply waited for the right moment to join with her. Unlike previous hosts (save to a limited degree Celestine), Dani retains her free will and controls the Angelus force.

Dani then restored the balance between Darkness and Light to Sara and the two made up. Dani and Finch decided to move to New Orleans for a fresh start.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Danielle is the current bearer of the Angelus Force. She has the ability to create objects and sentient beings of Light. The host is also granted enhanced strength, speed, self-propelled flight, and most importantly, the memories of all the previous Angelus hosts.

However, the Angelus does have limits to her power, as she can only function in the dark for short periods of time, because it drains her power.

Danielle was the previous host to the Witchblade and later the host to the Light Side of the Witchblade when it was divided between her and Sara Pezzini.


Danielle is a classically trained Dancer and is in good physical condition. As the Angelus' host she has the life experiences of all her previous hosts. She currently does not possess all of their knowledge due to her having free will. Danielle can manipulate Light, Create life or objects, Flight, Super Strength, Super Speed, Teleportation

Strength level

As the Angleus Host Danielle has super human strength.


Like all Angleus hosts she loses power the longer she is submerged in darkness.



Like all Angleus hosts Danielle can create anything she desires.


Like all Angleus hosts Danielle can create any weapon she imagines



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