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Daredevil's Billy Club

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Daredevil's Billy Club
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Daredevil has been known to wield a multi-purpose weapon that has many different modes. It's initial form is two billy clubs held together by an extendable cable. It can shift from a nunchaku- like weapon to a manrikigusari (a long rope/chain weapon with two weights on its ends), dual billy clubs which can be wielded in an Eskrima-like fashion, staff, or a cable with a grappling hook. The weapon can also be adjusted to combine both sticks into an Eskrima stick. Most notably, the billy club can be disguised as a blind man's cane, for use by DD's alter ego, Matthew Murdock. The weapon is held by a holster on the side of Daredevil's left leg.

In early canon, the Billy Club had a retractable microphone, a miniature tape recorder, chamber for firing projectiles. The Billy Club has always been depicted with a wire cable which allows the club to be used as a grappling hook and it can also be used as a baton.

In Daredevil #88, it appears a police radio was installed into the Billy Club.


  • Daredevil's Billy Club has been lost or destroyed on more than one occasion:


Sometimes red, sometimes white.

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