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  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Dean Mullaney, Mrs. Rene Anderson, Steve Pauwels and Dave Alen Lofvers.
  • A diagram for Matt Murdock's new brownstone is shown. it is remarkably similar to the apartment complex he previously had at Sutton Place. (Both had hidden gymnasiums).
  • Heather Glenn plants an idea in Matt Murdock's head. Her "idea" will be to open a free legal clinic in Manhattan. This will take place in Daredevil #130.


KM: In issue #128, there is a character who is walking around on 'light' and watching the battle DD is having with Death-Stalker. From what I remember, he was supposed to return, but he never appeared again in any of your issues. What were the plans for this character?

MW: The sky walker was going to lead into DDs first real SF story. I felt DD needed something more than I was giving him. I was never very happy with my DD--I never found the thing that made him mine the way Frank Miller did a year or two later. So I was trying to find things to do that interested me and therefore, I hoped, the readers. Ultimately, I couldn't find anything that made DD unique to me and asked off the title.

You can read more of this interview with Marv Wolfman at the below website.

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