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  • This issue is reprinted in Ka-Zar #3 and Essential Daredevil #1.
  • Ka-Zar next appears in Daredevil #24.
  • This issue contains two interior images from John Romita that are recycled and later re-published by Marvel. Page 7, Panel 2 will become the cover image logo for this title beginning in Daredevil #81. Additionally, the image of Daredevil from Page 10, Panel 4 will be the cover image logo for Marvel Team-Up #25.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Peter Kerns, Danny Dowell, Mrs. Peggy E. Ryan, Bill Sims, Dennis Allard, Joseph Guidera, A.J. Melch, paul laginess, Steven Schaffer, and Ricky Luquette.
  • credits:
    • Story:........Stan Lee
    • Pencilling....John Romita
    • Inking........Frankie Ray
    • All of the Above, Plus:
    • Lettering....Artie Simek
    • --What More Could A Marvelite Want?!


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