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  • Dick Cavett
  • Phil Hichock




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One page pin-up of the Black Widow by Bill Everett.

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  • Daredevil's Billy Club does not appear this issue. It is lost underwater and will soon be replaced.
  • This issue presents a "new" cover image logo for Daredevil. The art is not new, but a recycled John Romita panel from Daredevil #14 page 7, panel 2.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Ned C. Balbo, Juan Cole, Bruce Long, Jim Vicko, and Jim Rubino.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#666Z.
  • In The Sinister Space Trap plot by Lee and Powell, script by Ivie.
  • This issue does feature one full page advertisements (with cover reproductions) of Fantastic Four Special #9 and Amazing Spider-Man Special #8
  • In the Bullpen Bulletins it is announced: Two of 'em - Daredevil and Iron Man will be combining into one bombshell title starting next month, to make way for new ideas and concepts. This does not occur as both titles continue to be published at a new prices (20 Cents).


  • Fresh off her recent cancellation of her series in Amazing Adventures, the The Black Widow will become a recurring character and an eventual co-star in this title.
  • Daredevil is mistakenly colored on the cover of this issue without his trademark red eye lenses.

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