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Synopsis for "Assassination part 1"

Dark Angel confronts the Angel of Death about the power he has given her.  In response, he shows her the Web-Spinners, three old women who weave the fabric of the universe, and explains they have been tainted by the machinations of Mys-Tech.  Dark Angel uses the fabric to view the Mys-Tech board battling spirits in Mephisto’s Realm as they search for her father’s soul.  Algernon Crowe declares that once they find him, he will order Shevaun’s murder.  The Web-Spinners daughters, the Wyrd Sisters, appear to Dark Angel and offer to help her. At her request, they teleport to Mephisto’s Realm and attack the Mys-Tech board.  Ranulph Haldane’s soul fragment watches from nearby as the board fights back.  At Darkmoor Castle, the Guide emerges from Dark Angel’s body, and she asks him to guard it.  In Mephisto’s Realm, the board captures Ranulph, and Crowe uses his link to Mys-Tech headquarters to order Dark Angel’s assassination.  She appears, grabs Ranulph, and forces them to leave by threatening their immortality. After thanking the Wyrd Sisters for their help, Dark Angel reunites her father’s spirit with his soul fragment, and he vanishes.  At Mys-Tech headquarters in London, Crowe tries to rescind the assassination order as the board once again needs Shevaun to continue her father’s research.  At Darkmoor, Dark Angel returns to her physical body.  In New York, the robotic DOGs Mys-Tech deployed to kill her approach Xavier’s School, but a team of X-Men leads them away in the Blackbird.  Detecting the attack, Dark Angel teleports to the scene and joins the fight.  She and the X-Men disorient one DOG unit only to see more coming their way.

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