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Dark Circle (Pre-Zero Hour)

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Dark Circle

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Ontiir of Tsuron (deceased)



The Dark Circle were a mysterious insurgent group of the 30th century that sought to conquer the United Planets. The Dark Circle was composed of only five people consisting Gorgoth, Grullug Garkush, Norak Kun, and Rolind Siepur, and Ontiir of Tsuron, and possessing armies of clones created from those five members.

The Dark Circle launched a direct invasion of Earth following an attack by the Fatal Five that had left the Legion of Super-Heroes and Earth's defenses devastated, and were in the process of overwhelming both when Brainiac 5 discovered the Miracle Machine and used it to repulse the attack, returning all the Dark Circle soldiers to their homeworlds.

Despite their loss, the Dark Circle persist in their conquest of Earth through other alien races not league with the United Planets, most notably the Khunds and Dominators whom they manipulated into what became known as the Earthwar. As part of their machinations, they also released Mordru, hoping to use him against the Legion. This proved to be a mistake, however, as Mordru instead gained control of the Dark Circle. This was not immediately apparent, though, as he continued with the plans they had already drawn up. Eventually Mordru and the Circle were defeated.[1]



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