Date with Debbi
Date with Debbi #1 (1969). Artist unknown.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Format Ongoing series
Publication date Jan./Feb. 1969 - Oct./Nov. 1972
Number of issues 18
Creative team
Writer(s) John Albano, Henry Boltinoff, Barbara Friedlander, Phil Mendez
Penciller(s) Henry Boltinoff, Doug Crane, Owen Fitzgerald, Stan Goldberg, Phil Mendez, Bob Oksner, John Rosenberger, Samm Schwartz, Henry Scarpelli, Jack Sparling
Inker(s) Henry Boltinoff, Owen Fitzgerald, Phil Mendez, Henry Scarpelli, Samm Schwartz
Letterer(s) Henry Boltinoff, Samm Schwartz
Editor(s) Dick Giordiano

Date With Debbi is a DC Comics comic book series, which ran for 18 issues between 1969 and 1972. The series was about the attempts of Debbi to find happiness, often through dating. A spin-off title, Debbi's Dates, ran for 11 issues from 1969 to 1971.

The series won recognition in the industry, including the 1970 Shazam Award for Best Inker (Humor Division) for Henry Scarpelli for his work on it, Leave It to Binky, and other DC comics.[1]


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