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Confidant of Luke Cage. D.W. operated his uncle's Gem theatre in Times Square and leased a 3rd story office to Luke Cage. Cage inflicted almost constant damage to the facility, including wrecking his theatre[1]. However, Griffith remained a close friend to Luke. For a period of time in his life, Cage considered D.W. Griffith his only friend.

Griffith sometimes proved quite useful to Cage in his adventures. Griffith used his expertise of audio-visual equipment to let the residents of Security City know the true evil intentions of Cage's nemesis Gideon Mace[2]. Later he valiantly attempted to free Cage from the hypnosis of the Circus of Crime[3].

D.W. was also a "film student" [4] and attempted to produce his own productions. Once Dave became somewhat depressed, considered taking a lethal does of Acid Z, and jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. However, a mysterious stranger convinced him to be happy with his life, regardless of which stage it was presently in. [5]


  • Dave is named after "the greatest movie director in history", D.W. Griffith.[5]


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