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Dead King's Scepter

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Dead King's Scepter
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Forged as one of the weapons the Dead King used in order to get revenge on his brother, Orin, for his crimes.
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Geoff Johns
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The dead king of Atlantis forged seven weapons in order to defeat his brother, Orin.[1] These weapons were buried in his tomb.

The Dead King's Scepter was stolen from the tomb by Black Manta.[2]

The Dead King's Scepter grants its possessor the ability to generate earthquakes strong enough to sink islands and continents, such as it did with Atlantis long ago.[2]

It also allows its possessor to control the Trench through primal authority recognition.[3] The sceptre was destroyed when Arthur forced both it and him into an open lava vent during the final battle for the kingdom itself.[4]


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The scepter had a replica fashioned after it, one bearing the same power as the original which was buried within the false tomb where the Seven Treasures were first found. It was kept within a hidden chamber no one knew of, while the forgery was laid with its creator at the real resting site of the Dead King.[5]

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