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Kollege of Khaos

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He's a robot
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2000 AD prog 123


Deadlock is the Grand Wizard of the Knights Martial, an order of robot mystics of unknown origin who are worshipers of the god Khaos, the embodiment of chaos. Deadlock was recruited into the ABC Warriors by Hammerstein in the last months of the Volgan War, and served with them on their initial mission to Mars.

His activities after the Mars mission ended are unknown, but when Nemesis the Warlock reformed the Warriors to fight the forces of Termight several hundred years later, the warlock claimed that Deadlock had gone in search of his god and found him incarnated as Nemesis. He further claimed that Deadlock and he had then become one, though Deadlock later turned up alive during the Warriors' mission to save the Black Hole Bypass, and Nemesis was a notorious liar.

During the Black Hole mission, Deadlock and two of the other less trustworthy Warriors, Blackblood and Mek-Quake, attempted to betray the mission and engineer the destruction of Earth in the name of Khaos. They were thwarted and forced to return to the team. Despite this treachery, Deadlock was later given command of the Warriors by Hammerstein, and after encountering Nemesis again (during which time, Deadlock remarked to Nemesis that they were indeed 'the same person', though this was never clarified) he led them on a mission to further the cause of Khaos.

Hammerstein has since taken command of the warriors again, but the ever-deceitful Deadlock remains a member of the squad, his aims and those of the Warriors apparently in accordance for the time being. Deadlock has returned with the Warriors to Mars to try to stop the ongoing war there.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Various occult and mystical abilities, including levitation, the ability to read tarot cards, the ability to raise and control an army of zombies and the ability to draw on the ABC Warriors' memories to create a powerful psychic entity.



Tarot cards.


Feline robot motorbike (yes, really).


The Ace of Swords.


Deadlock has on occasion starred in his own solo strip.


Deadlock is also the head of the Kollege of Khaos, and was the employer of Ro-Jaws.



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