Quote1 So...I have you figured for a thong underwear type of gal, am I right? Quote2
-- Zombie Deadpool

Appearing in "Head Trip: Part 4"Edit

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Other Characters:

  • Zombie T-Rex




Synopsis for "Head Trip: Part 4"Edit

Deadpool, Zombie Deadpool's head, and Dr. Betty finally get away from the zombified T-Rex, and get off the Savage Land to head towards her rendevous, in space.


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Solicit Synopsis:
  • “HEAD TRIP,” PART 4 Things just keep getting more savage in the Savage Land for poor old Wade. Not only does a crack squad of Hydra shock troops want to put the smackdown on our boy Deadpool, but the cavemen want back their god (i.e. the severed-but-still annoying head of the Marvel Zombies Deadpool) and have turned out the troops, spears ready to fly. Even with Ka-Zar's help, it's going to be a close one. To make matters worse, “Severed Headpool” can't keep his teeth to himself. One hungry bite can bring a world of hurt down on top of Deadpool and the luscious Dr. Betty.


  • This cover is an homage to the promotional poster for the movie "Scarface".[1]

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