Quote1 The last time I wanted to kill you I accidentally took out your eye. I won't make that mistake again. Get out, Slade. Don't ever come back. If I ever see you again, you're dead. Quote2
-- Adeline Kane

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Synopsis for "Revelations & Resolutions"Edit

Deathstroke has tracked Wintergreen to a hospital in Germany. Deathstroke disguises himself and enters the hospital, where he speaks with Adeline Wilson. She tells him she will kill him at her first opportunity. Deathstroke sneaks into Wintergreen's room. He is talking with his friend when six men swing in through the windows to Wintergreen's, Adeline Wilson's and Hessuin's rooms, spraying bullets. Deathstroke kills the men and fights his way out of the hospital, with Wintergreen slung over his back. The two escape to Switzerland.


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