Department of Extranormal Operations
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Batman # 550 (1998)
Created by Dan Curtis Johnson and J. H. Williams III
In-story information
Type of organization Federal law enforcement
Leader(s) Mister Bones
Agent(s) Cameron Chase

The Department of Extranormal Operations (or DEO) is a fictional government agency in the DC Universe appearing in several comic books published by DC Comics. It was co-created by Dan Curtis Johnson and J. H. Williams III, with its first appearance in Batman # 550 (1998), and was the focus of the Chase series.

Fictional organization history

The role of the DEO is to monitor those with extranormal superpowers and to prevent any threat to the general public. However, in Action Comics #775 there are a couple of rogue agents being defeated by Superman. Manchester Black, the leader of The Elite, suggests they are responsible for the creation of fellow team member Menagerie, "These guys run a triple black alien immigration service that takes the galaxies' cast-offs an' turns them into weapons for the highest bidder. The West Nile glop in New York is one of theirs from the Microbio Division."

The DEO was responsible for the "orphanage" seen in Young Justice, in which Secret was kept, although a later conversation between Director Bones and Agent Chase suggested the conditions in which she was kept were not official policy. Another such orphanage was seen in the 1999 Titans series.

The DEO has protected important aspects of Washington D.C. from telepathic intrusion.[1]

A rogue department of the DEO manages to convince Green Lantern to scan various heroes in order to detect a body-hopping supervillain. In actuallity, they were using the data to create a new version of Amazo. Chase, Mr. Bones, Green Lantern and other heroes shut down the division. Amazo ends up destroyed and Green Lantern deletes the relevant information.[2]


Other intelligence agencies

In other media


In the film Green Lantern the DEO appears as an agency under the secret support of Sen. Robert Hammond. His son Dr. Hector Hammond is given the assignment of doing the autopsy of Abin Sur. One of the main heads is Dr. Amanda Waller.


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