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  • The clue The Mad Hatter leaves behind for Batman is the question "Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?" written backwards on a sheet of paper. The riddle, from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland," is famous for not having an answer. However, believing the clue to be from The Riddler, the GCPD has several people work on answers to the riddle, and they come up with the following:
  • Because they're both covered in inky quills.
  • Because Poe wrote on Both.
  • And because One is a Rest for Pens, and the other is a Pest for Wrens.
Detective Harvey Bullock admits himself to not understanding the last one.
  • This same riddle was the centerpoint of "The Riddle" (backup story in Batman: Gotham Knights Vol 1 6), when the Riddler attempted to learn Lewis Carroll's actual answer to the riddle.
  • The title of the story, and many lines within, are taken directly from Lewis Carroll's famous poem, "Jabberwocky". The full poem can be found here.

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