The City of Detroit

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The City of Detroit
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The Motor City; Motown

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Detroit is a major city in Wayne County, Michigan. It is best known for its contributions to the automotive industry and for the establishment of Motown. It is also the birth place of Will Everett, a man who would go on to become one of the first African American costumed super-heroes, Amazing Man.

During World War II, the Ultra-Humanite manipulated time-lost members of the futuristic Infinity, Inc. team into attacking a tank factory under the belief that they were actually saving lives. During this incident, Jade and Obsidian first encountered their father Alan Scott, the Green Lantern. Believing that Alan was a threat to peace, they attacked him. Neither Alan nor Jade or Obsidian had any idea of their family connection to one another at this time.[1]

Shortly before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Aquaman established the second incarnation of the Justice League of America and operated out of a compound facility owned by Hank Heywood III, also known as Steel.[2] The Justice League abandoned this facility shortly before disbanding as a team altogether.

In recent years, Detroit has become the home city of the most recent man to bear the mantle of Firestorm – Jason Rusch.

Currently, Green Lantern Corps member John Stewart has taken up residence in Detroit.[3]

Points of Interest

49 Pleasant Road

This Detroit location, is the home of Alvin and Jason Rusch. Jason is better known as the super-hero, Firestorm.

Black Cat Lounge

The Black Cat Lounge is an exotic dancing club located in Detroit, Michigan. An earlier version of the Black Cat club once existed in Pre-Crisis Smallville.

Bryson's Family Treat Restaurant

As its name implies, Bryson's Family Treat Restaurant was a small family dining establishment located in Detroit, Michigan. Jason Rusch briefly worked there as a food server.

Cameron Street

Cameron Street runs through one of the more impoverished neighborhoods in Detroit, Michigan. The Justice League members known as Vibe and Gypsy grew up on Cameron Street.

Gold Gym

Gold Gym is a chain of workout spas throughout the United States. Note: The name of the gym is a variant of Gold's Gym.

Gregson storage facility

The Gregson storage facility was an abandoned silo located outside of Detroit, Michigan. A man named Stevie Golek used it as a front for his drug smuggling operations. It was here that Jason Rusch first became the super-hero known as Firestorm.

Ho-Ho Charlie's Chicken Shack

Ho-Ho Charlie's Chicken Shack is a fast food dining establishment located in Detroit, Michigan. Jason Rusch briefly worked there as a costumed mascot.

Justice League Compound

An elaborate bomb shelter located on the edge of the Detroit River, it was designed and built by Henry Heywood, Sr. during the Cold War. In recent years, it served as the de facto headquarters for the second incarnation of the Justice League of America. One of the compound's permanent staff members was engineer Dale Gunn.

Mac Street

Mac Street is a thoroughfare in Detroit, Michigan. Bryson's Family Treat Restaurant is located on Mac Street.

Pete's Deli

Pete's Deli is an eating establishment located in Detroit, Michigan.

Stopwatch Bar

The Stopwatch Bar was a run down drinking establishment in Detroit, Michigan. Jason Rusch once arranged to meet drug dealer Stevie Golek here in order to obtain some work.


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