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Devil's Due Publishing
Devils Due Publishing.png
Founded 1999
Founder Joshua Blaylock
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Comics
Key people Joshua Blaylock, CEO
Publication types Comic books, Books
Official website Devil's Due Publishing

Devil's Due Publishing (often abbreviated as DDP) is an independent comic book publishers in the United States. Based in Chicago, Illinois, DDP is best known for its wide selection of genres, including licensed and original creator-owned properties that populate its monthly comic book series and graphic novels.


Though principally a publishing company, DDP has also produced a stage play based on the Hack/Slash comic series, Stagefright, in conjunction with the New Millennium Theatre Company that played at the National Pastime Theater on Broadway, Chicago from September 23 to October 29, 2005.


In 1998 Devil's Due Publishing started in as both a commercial art studio and a small press comic-book publisher. The company shifted its focus to comic books, becoming one of the top ten publishers of North America.[1]

In 2004 Pat Broderick revived Micronauts at Devil's Due,[2] although the title was cancelled after ten issues.

DDP produced an American comic book version of Vampire Hunter D.[3][4] It was written by Jimmy Palmiotti and titled American Wasteland. Devil's Due also republished Je suis légion by Fabien Nury and John Cassaday as an eight comic book series, I am Legion[5] as part of a larger deal to reprint work with Humanoids Publishing, including titles like The Zombies That Ate The World.[6]

Devil's Due restructured itself in December 2008, including changes in editors, marketing managers, and new CEO.[7][8]

In 2009, Devil's Due was accused of not paying several creative teams. In an article on the website Bleeding Cool, Rich Johnston spoke to the company's CEO, Blaylock, and reported that only Tim Seeley had gone unpaid.[9]

DDP is represented in Hollywood by Alter Ego Entertainment and Prime Universe, who share a first-look deal with the publisher for film, television and video games. Currently, the three parties are in discussion with numerous studios about expanding Devil's Due properties into other media.

In 2010, DDP and Checker Book Publishing Group (owned and operated by Mark Thompson) opened Devil's Due Digital;[10] a solely digital comic book and graphic novel distribution company.

Comic series published

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Comic series published with other companies

Chaos! Comics

Dabel Bros.

  • Hedge Knight #1-6


Kinetic Komicz

  • killer7 #1/2-4

Monkey Pharmacy

  • Elsinore #4,5
  • Elsinore: Psycho Sanctii (unreleased)

Studio Ice

  • Megacity 909 #1-8
  • Mu #1-4


Urban Robot

  • Lo-Fi Magazine #1, 3
  • Lo-Fi Magazine Vol. 2 #4-7

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