Dhampire: Stillborn
Date September 1996
Page count 64 pages
Publisher Vertigo
Creative team
Writers Nancy A. Collins
Artists Paul Lee
Letterers Comicraft
Richard Starkings
Colourists Paul Lee
Editors Axel Alonso
Lou Stathis
ISBN 1-56389-256-1

Dhampire: Stillborn is a graphic novella written in 1997 by bestselling Horror novelist Nancy A. Collins. It was planned as an ongoing series but that was shelved with the death of DC.Vertigo editor Lou Stathis with only the prologue oneshot ever published.

Plot summary

All his life, young Nicholas Gaunt has been tormented by visions of blood and evil, driving him to sadistic and suicidal acts. But when he learns that these violent thoughts stem from an unnatural mingling of human and undead blood before his birth, he must confront his true nature as a half-vampire, or Dhampire.[1]

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