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Earth (Previously worldwide, now in the Savage Land and Wakanda)
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Dominant species of giant reptiles that covered and dominated the Earth 230 million years ago.
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General History

Dinosaurs were giant reptiles that ruled the Earth some 160 million years. They became mostly extinct some 65 million years ago.

It is said that the Dinosaurs were the favored species of the demon Set, however the Earth goddess Gaea decided that they were an evolutionary dead end and that the Human race would be their successors. Accounts of what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs vary, however the official scientific account was a meteor impact that caused a mass extinction.

Dinosaurs still survive to this day however, even though they are widely considered to be extinct. The Nuwali race constructed the Savage Land wildlife preserve in Antarctica, and it became home to an entire prehistoric ecosystem for many prehistoric animals, including virtually all known races of dinosaurs. The jungles near Wakanda and other regions in Africa have isolated pockets of dinosaurs that have survived over the millennia.

American Frontier

In the 1800s, American cowboy Tex Taylor and his partner Alkali Ike uncovered a hidden valley of dinosaurs hidden beneath a cave somewhere in Texas. They used the tunnel to lure two outlaws named Danny Sawtell and Creepy into a trap where they became the next meal to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ike then blasted the tunnel shut trapping the dinosaurs in their hidden valley.[1] It is unknown if this lost valley still exists.


On August 10, 1938, Professor Rangley uncovered a perfectly preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex egg in the Shelee Tar Pits of Utah. On the 15th of that month he transported the egg to New York City where he intended to incubate it and see if it would hatch. On Christmas Eve of 1938 the egg hatched and Rangley kept the creature a secret at the Acme Warehouse where he raised it, intending to reveal it to the world ten years later.[2]


The first recorded encounter between humans and dinosaurs in 20th Century Africa occurred in April of 1940 when the a strange prehistoric creature came out of the jungle of Africa and besieged the tribe of the jungle adventurer named Trojak. Trojak and his people dubbed the creature a "Devil Beast" and ultimately slew it by crushing it under a toppled tree.[3] In January 1941, an explorer discovered frozen dinosaur eggs out in the ice flows of Siberia and sell them to American entertainer Barney Bailey. Bailey somehow manage to hatch the eggs and put the full grown dinosaurs on display in New York City. However a lightning storm caused the creatures to escape and they went on a rampage through the city. The other-dimensional hero known as the Vision appeared and destroyed the creatures using TNT. Not wishing to have his money making creatures destroyed, Bailey had hire local mobsters to try and round them up, only to find himself eaten by one of the giant lizards.[4] Later, the jungle adventurer Ka-Zar also encounter a dinosaur in Africa's Black River region, located somewhere in the Belgian Congo. This creature was slain by a giant named Bogat.[5]

In August of 1943 a dinosaur was found preserved in ice on the Antarctic continent by Nazi sympathizer Professor Schultz who attempted to revive the creature. Succeeding, but finding the prehistoric monster brain dead, he surgically implanted the brain of his assistant Olaf Olsen and send him on a rampage. During a clash with Captain America and Bucky, Olaf witnessed Schultz threaten his sister and tossed the scientist off a cliff and then threw his dinosaur body off as well, seemingly to his death.[6]

In the spring of 1949, Professor Rangley was murdered by thieves who thought he was holding something valuable in his warehouse space and unintentionally released the Tyrannosaurus, letting it loose into New York. Captain America, Golden Girl and the military fought the creature, mortally wounding it. The dying Tyrannosaurus then walked all the way back to its birth place in Utah to die in the tar pits.[2]


A number of dinosaurs existed as inhabitants of the jungles of the Congo, discovered in 1954 by jungle adventurer Lorna the Jungle Queen, their origins and subsequent fate are unknown.[7] More dinosaurs were discovered in the Black Swamp region of the Congo by the jungle hero known as Lo-Zar.[8] Not long after a pair of Tyrannosaurs were discovered in another swamp region of the Congo by Jann of the Jungle.[9]

In 1956 a dinosaur would be awoken by H-bomb testing off the shore of Japan, mutating it into the giant creature that would be dubbed Godzilla, it would constantly plague the Japanese region well into the 1970's.[10]


Modern Era

Early on in their career, the X-Men would discover the Savage Land and its population of dinosaurs,[11] the first of many visits to the region by the team over the years.

The creature known as Godzilla would return, rising out of the waters of Alaska and would terrorize the United States for some time. The creature would be countered by SHIELD's Godzilla Squad.[12]

Old Lace was a Deinonychus genetically engineered by super-villains Dale and Stacey Yorkes for their daughter Yorkes.[13] The loyal Old Lace would be faithful to Yorkes eventually sacrificing its life for its master[14]

Alternate Realities


Earth-9997's past suggests that the Dinosaurs were wiped out when the Celestials carved out a portion of the moon to serve as orbiting observatory for the Watcher.[15] This reality also has it's own version of Devil Dinosaur.[16]


The Dinosaurs of DInosaur-World including, Thunder-Horn, Bone-Back and Hopper

Earth-78411 is a reality where Earth is still in its prehistoric period. Evolution would occur differently on this world, seeing early humans living amongst dinosaurs. The most famous of these dinosaurs would be Devil Dinosaur, ally of Moon-Boy.[17] Other notable species found here are :

  • Thunder-Horn - a race of triceratops like creatures who are implied to be carnivorous, and who occasionally challenge Devil Dinosaur for the right to rule The Valley of Flame.
  • Bone-Backs - Stegosaurus like ones
  • Hoppers - likely belong to raptor family.
  • Plant-Eaters - Based on Sauropods

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  • Some of the most notable dinosaur species include Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Allosaurus, Styracosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Spinosaurus.

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