Doggone Cats (reissued as Dog Gone Cats
Merrie Melodies (Sylvester) series
Directed by Arthur Davis
Produced by Edward Selzer
Story by Lloyd Turner
Bill Scott
Voices by Mel Blanc
Music by Carl Stalling
Animation by Basil Davidovich
J. C. Melendez
Don Williams
Emery Hawkins
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) October 25, 1947 (USA)
Color process Cinecolor (original)
Technicolor (reissue)
Running time 7 min
Language English
Preceded by Crowing Pains
Followed by Catch as Cats Can

Doggone Cats (reissued as Dog Gone Cats), is a 1947-released Warner Bros. cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series. It stars Sylvester, his brother Alan (his official debut, and his only appearance until The Looney Tunes Show) and a dog named Wellington. It was officially released in Cinecolor, but was reissued in Technicolor.[1]


Wellington the dog is given a package to deliver to Uncle Louie, with strict instructions not to let go of it. Sylvester and his brother Alan (although not officially named) that Wellington has been tormenting see this as their chance to get even. Besides repeatedly filching the package, at one point they drop a duplicate off a bridge. Wellington still manages to retrieve the package a few times, but never for long. Wellington finally arrives at Uncle Louie's, then finds out that the package contains dinner for the two cats! Having been made a jackass, Wellington slams his head against the mailbox and crowns himself with garbage can lids.


This cartoon marks the debut appearance of Sylvester's brother Alan. Alan looks like Sylvester, except with orange fur. In his debut appearance, he appears to be slightly smaller than Sylvester, and does not speak. After this short Alan never appeared in animation, until episode 26 of The Looney Tunes Show ('Point Laser Point'), in which he is officially named, speaks for the first time (voiced by Jeff Bennett) and is designed slightly larger than Sylvester.

Wellington, or a dog identical to him in appearance, appears along with Pepé Le Pew in Odor of the Day (1948).

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