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Once one of twin worlds, the Dominion now orbits its home sun alone. Its sister planet was destroyed by the warriors of the Dominion in a recent conflict.

The Dominion, ruled by beings known as Dominators, is divided into a series of city-states spread across the inhabitable regions of the planet. Oceans teeming with a wide variety of hitherto unknown aquatic life forms cover much of the world. The society of the Dominators follows a strict caste system; a citizen's rank and position are indicated by the size of the disk on an individual's forehead.

The warriors of the Dominion are members of an inherently hostile race. While their ambassadors have signed treaties with the United Planets, the planet has not yet been declared open to tourism and is considered unfriendly. Unknown to most Earthlings, the Dominators were able to secretly take over Earth's government shortly after the Great Collapse.


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