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Don't Axe Me
Merrie Melodies (Daffy Duck/Elmer Fudd) series
Directed by Robert McKimson
Voices by Mel Blanc
Arthur Q. Bryan
June Foray
Distributed by Warner Brothers Pictures
Release date(s) January 4, 1958
Language English

Don't Axe Me is a Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert McKimson, released in 1958. It stars Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, and Barnyard Dawg.

In this cartoon, Daffy is Elmer's pet, always looking for ways to eat as much food as possible, including the dog's food. When the dog hears that Elmer and his wife are planning a dinner and need to prepare an animal, he convinces the wife to turn Daffy into the meal. So, Elmer goes after Daffy, with Daffy always figuring a way to avoid getting captured.

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