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Nicholas Galtry, Beast Boy's guardian, is deep in debt once again thanks to his poor investment choices and once more has to dip into the inheritance left for the boy once he turns 21 years of age. When he begins to fear that the boy may catch him and report him to the police, he then makes arrangements to have the boy killed. He hires a contract killer, completely unaware that Gar has been following him secretly in various animals forms and has knows about the plot.

Deciding to go to the Doom Patrol for help, they all initially believe that the boy is making the story up which leads to a scuffle between Robotman and Beast Boy until it's broken up by the Chief. Listening to the boys story the Chief agrees to send the Doom Patrol out to Gar's home to see if an assassin will truly show up. Just then, the Chief's computer detects the entry of an alien vessel and sends the Doom Patrol and Beast Boy out to investigate. Following it to it's landing site to a tropical island, they find that they are trapped on the island because the alien ship had erected a force field that keeps in even Larry's Negative Man form.

Traveling into the jungle the Doom Patrol and Beast Boy are confronted by a giant robot calling itself Kranus. The creature attacks them with it's scepter which can fire bolts of electricity. Robotman manages to take hold of it and uses it as a club. Kranus grabs Robotman and uses heat ray eyes to try and melt him. However, Larry sends Negative Man out to save him severing Kranus' hand. However, his hand proves to be still animated, and it and the scepter (which can fly under it's own power) surprises the Doom Patrol with their counter attack. The Doom Patrol then mounts a counter attack, smashing Kranus into bits and Larry uses Negative Man to burst open the robots helmet revealing that their foe is not an alien at all, but their long time foe the Brain.

Defeated, the Brain makes his escape vowing to get revenge against the Doom Patrol. Returning to the city, the Doom Patrol makes good their promise to Beast Boy to see if the assassin will make an attempt on the boys life. However, when Gar returns to his room he finds that someone has tipped off the assassin with a warning and the Doom Patrol dismisses it as a hoax. Returning to base, the Doom Patrol report back to the Chief, however Rita expresses that she suspects that Gar was telling the truth.

While elsewhere, the Challengers of the Unknown radio the Doom Patrol for help. This story is continued next issue...

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Continued from last issue... Robotman is on a rampage and only Niles Caulder, the man who put him in this condition can keep the authorities at bay so that he can talk Robotman out of his rampage. Trying to subdue Robotman with rubber cement fails, as the Robotman manages to swiftly escape before he can be completely encased. Fleeing the scene, he steals some clothing from a window display so that he can avoid being spotted.

Deciding to find a place to his out, Robotman decides to seek shelter in the most luxurious place in town. However, he is recognized by the elevator operator and chased out by the authorities. Fleeing, he is helped by a blind man and an old woman who lead them to a secret hide out where a number of freaks (including a hunch back and a midget) hide out. They ask Robotman to live with them, and at first Robotman refuses wanting to die instead of living as a freak. However, he begins to feel weak and collapses.

As it turns out, Robotman needs a special food in order to keep his human brain alive, and the Chief fearing that Robotman will die puts an all points radio bulletin out appealing Robotman to come get the food he needs to live. The freaks decide to help Robotman obtain the food and going to the appointed meeting place. However when the police nab who they think is Robotman, it turns out to be the blind man in disguise, causing ample enough diversion for the midget to escape with the food an administer it to Robotman, revitalizing him.

Thanking the freaks for their help, Robotman decides to leave them opting to get revenge against the man who put him in this condition. While elsewhere Dr. Caulder worries about Robotman, hoping that he will return and allow himself to be rehabilitated.

This story is continued next issue....



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