Quote1.png Hold on, Mr. Dayton! You're my husband -- not my keeper! I never promised you I'd give up the Doom Patrol! Quote2.png
-- Elasti-Girl

Appearing in "Honeymoon of Terror"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Osmun (The Dayton's Butler)
  • A Guard at the Museum of Science
  • Worker on the Dayton Mansion
  • Edwards



  • Meteorite in Science Museum


  • Doom Patrol's Jet Car (First appearance)
  • Steve Dayton's Convertible
  • Atomic Energy Tunneler

Synopsis for "Honeymoon of Terror"Edit

Despite her marriage to Mento, Elasti-Girl nevertheless joins her Doom Patrol teammates and Beast Boy in investigating a mystery source of radioactivity, and they uncover a new scheme by the atomic criminal, Mr. 103. After two indecisive battles, the team is unable to prevent him from escaping with a meteor fragment which immunizes him from the Chief's ray-device which had earlier defeated him.[1] Meanwhile, Elasti-Girl discovers the truth behind Galtry's schemes to embezzle from Beast Boy's inheritance.

Appearing in "The Robot-Maker Must Die"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Lieutenant Briar, a police officer trying to catch Robotman

Synopsis for "The Robot-Maker Must Die"Edit

Robotman is still on the run, driven by a faulty connection between his too-human brain and his robotic electronic system to want to kill the man who created him -- The Chief. A TV news report alerts him to the Chief's whereabouts, and, after running from the police and practically disassembling himself in the process, he finally makes it to the Chief's office.

File:Doom Patrol Meeting.png

The members of the future Doom Patrol meet for the very first time.

Entering a darkened room, he attacks what turns out to be Larry Trainor. He's stopped by Rita and the Chief, who convince him to join his fellow freaks in the Doom Patrol.


  • The second story presumably takes place around the same time as "Neg Man's Last Road!", when Larry is saved by the Chief and comes to his office.


  • This may be the first time a female character, in a DC title, has broken the mold of the quiet, doting wife and actually spoken out to her husband regarding what she wants to do. The first sign that feminism may have finally arrived at a very traditional-minded publication house (See quotation above by Elasti-Girl).

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  1. as seen in Doom Patrol #98


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