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When a child is trapped in a bank vault that has a time lock, the Doom Patrol is called in to save the boy. First, Larry sends in Negative Man to try and throw the internal switch to open the lock, but it's electrical current affects Negative Man, forcing Rita to grow to large size and rip the door off the vault. Later, Larry asks why Rita remains with the Doom Patrol when she could be with Mento, who is rich and handsome. She tells him that her place is with the Doom Patrol, and states that she finds him too arrogant for her liking.

However, Robotman, wishing Rita to be happy confronts Mento and tells him to take her out on a date and try to romance her because she deserves nothing but the best. Meanwhile, there is a new costumed criminal in town: Doctor Tyme, a clock themed villain who has perfected a beam which can freeze, slow down or speed up time according to his whims and uses this power to rob an airplane. His daring robbery attracts the attention of the Doom Patrol, who decide to try and figure out the mystery of the plane robbery.

When Rita is out on her organized date with Mento, they witness another one of Dr. Tyme's robberies and try to stop him, however he escapes but not before Rita can shrink down to size and hitch a ride. Mento contact the Doom Patrol and tells them what happened and the group joins him in tracking Dr. Tyme to his headquarters, a castle brought to the States from Europe. There they fight Dr. Tyme and are able to fight through all his traps. During the fight, the Chief cautions Larry from using his Negative Man form on Dr. Tyme. Rita manages to free herself and tries to stop Dr. Tyme but is knocked out with sleeping gas when she is in giant size. Not heeding this request, Larry lets Negative Man loose only to have the entity frozen in time, threatening his life should it remain out of his body longer than 60 seconds.

Mento uses his powers to incapacitate Dr. Tyme and forces him to free the Negative Man and slow down time around Larry's body so that the entity can return into his body before it's absence kills him. Dr. Tyme then informs the Doom Patrol that he activated a time bomb that is hidden in one of the castle's many clocks and refuses to tell them which one. As Dr. Tyme escapes the Doom Patrol relies on Mento to use his mental powers to revive Rita so that they can all escape, and just barely manage to make it to safety before the castle explodes. While on their way out, Larry and Mento argue over about whom Rita will choose: Mento or the Doom Patrol.



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