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When a foreign premier is in town on a visit to the United States, there are threats on his life made, prompting the authorities to call in the Doom Patrol to help protect the visiting statesman. Although they fail to stop a sniper from shooting the driver, with the help of Negative Man, the Doom Patrol saves the premier's life. Robotman uses his body to prevent a grenade from harming the premiere and then stops the would-be assassins by trashing their getaway car. When Rita shows affection toward Larry, Cliff becomes jealous, believing if he wasn't a human brain in a robot body he'd be winning the girls.

Later at Doom Patrol headquarters, Rita tries to visit Robotman but finds his room empty, and becomes curious about all the medical books about brain transplants. Robotman has left the base to seek out the aid of Doctor Wilder, an expert in creating living bodies and preparing brain transplants. Wilder invites Robotman in, agreeing to helping him out. He shows Robotman one of his experiments a gigantic hirsute creature with no mind. Wilder tells Cliff that he can transplant his brain into the creatures body and use plastic surgery to make him look like he did prior to his accident. However, this is all a trick orchestrated by the Brotherhood of Evil. "Dr. Wilder" is really Madame Rouge in disguise and the Brotherhood then replaces Cliff's brain with that of their leader The Brain, giving the evil master of the Brotherhood control over Robotman's body, while leaving Cliff trapped in the specially made dome for the Brain's form.

With the Doom Patrol concerned about the sudden deactivation and reactivation of Robotman's tracking device, the Chief sends Negative Man and Elasti-Girl to recover Cliff. When they arrive at "Wilder's" lab, they find "Robotman" waiting for them, and they are unaware that they are taking back their greatest foe to their base. There, the Doom Patrol watches the maiden voyage ceremony for a new nuclear sub. To their surprise Monsieur Mallah appears inside the giant robot Rog and captures the submarine.

The Doom Patrol is sent out to try and stop Mallah and Rog, taking "Robotman" along with them. Meanwhile, back at "Wilder's" lab, Cliff tries to call for help and initially frightens anyone who comes to his rescue. As the battle rages against Rog and Mallah, the Doom Patrol are betrayed by "Robotman" who reveals that he is really their foe the Brain. Back at the lab, Cliff finally manages to get the aid of a blind man who calls the Chief for help. Assessing the situation, the Chief temporarily transplants Cliff's mind into the body of the monster so that he can help stop the Brotherhood of Evil.

With Cliff now in the body of the monster, he and the Chief meet up with the rest of the Doom Patrol and turn the tide of battle. Cliff incapacitating the Brain's Robotman body. Overwhelmed by the attack, the Brotherhood of Evil manages to escape the scene. After the battle is over, Cliff's brain is removed from the body of the monster and put into a spare Robotman body.



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