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The Doom Patrol are called to the scene of a hostage situation at the local prison and the group, thanks to Robotman, are able to diffuse the situation and restore order to the prison. Upon returning to base, they are shocked to hear that the Chief has devised a way to cure both Negative Man and Elasti-Girl of their mutations. Everyone is happy except Robotman, who believes he will be trapped in his robot body forever. While Robotman's batteries are being recharged, the Chief begins the experiment on the other two members of the Doom Patrol. When things start to go wrong, Robotman attempts to stop the experiment by destroying the power source. Because he is still plugged into his recharger, he creates a powerful electrical current. The resulting explosion immobilizes Cliff, and as fate would have it, there is an emergency call when giant plants that were recently discovered begin growing out of control. In order to make sure that the Doom Patrol is amply staffed, the Chief dons a suit of armor resembling Robotman's body that allows him limited mobility.

Arriving at the scene, Negative Man and Elasti-Girl are shocked to find that they have swapped powers. With neither used to the others abilities, "Negative Woman" goes berserk and Larry has to gain control of his size changing powers in order to prevent her from causing destruction and return the negative radio-form back to Rita's body before 60 seconds elapse. Meanwhile, the Chief is tackling the threat of the plants by trying to rip out their root system. To their surprise, the roots turn into octopus tentacles and they realize that they are fighting the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man.

The A-V-M Man has the Doom Patrol on the ropes due to their lack of experience with their new abilities. However, the Doom Patrol manages to hold its own long enough for Rita to send out her Negative Woman form to retrieve the weapon which helped them defeat the A-V-M Man before. After tricking the A-V-M Man into changing into a bear, the Doom Patrol blast him with the matter immobilizer and turn him over to the authorities. After the battle, Rita and Larry begin to feel faint as a side effect to the botched curative experiment. With no other choice, the Chief fixes the device and uses it to restore their proper powers. With the experiment a success, the Chief then restores Robotman to proper working order and they celebrate their return to relative normalcy.



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