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When several famous men unaccountably go insane and try to murder their associates, the Doom Patrol investigates and discovers each to have been in possession of a key-chain charm resembling an Oriental idol. Travelling to Tajali where the real idol is located, they are abducted by the powerful Cobra financial cartel, whose members offer their aid in unraveling the mystery. Before any progress can be made, though, the Doom Patrol is forced to return to the United States, where more victims of the unexplained madness are causing rampant destruction.

The Chief traces the cause of the insanity, which seems to strike mainly against the Cobra syndicate, to a rival cartel whose head proves to be General Immortus. Invading his corporate headquarters, the Doom Patrol discovers Immortus to be allied in a master scheme for world takeover with the alien Garguax, who has established a secret base on the moon, and with the Brotherhood of Evil. Escaping a death-trap of the Brotherhood, the heroes battle maddened mobs in New York, also victims of the madness-inducing mind-ray being beamed at them from the villains' moon-base, and foil their plan to drive the whole world insane.



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