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With General Immortus and Garguax now members of the Brotherhood of Evil, the Doom Patrol go on practice sessions to hone their abilities, which go under great scrutiny of the Chief so that they fight more efficiently. Meanwhile, on the Brotherhood of Evil's moon base, Garguax convinces the Brotherhood of Evil to seek out larger stakes than monetary gain and instead to seek out world domination as the start in a bid to take over the known universe. General Immortus also embraces these goals and shows off his new device on three victims turning them into loyal diamond skinned slaves under the control of the Brotherhood. In order to turn the rest of the world into such slaves, General Immortus, Monsieur Mallah, and Madame Rouge all travel to different locations on Earth to implant devices that would change the people in the area into the diamond-like zombie slaves that they have created.

When the sudden transformation of an entire Chinese village gets the attention of the Chief, he sends Robotman to investigate and finds that the entire village has been transformed into these diamond zombies. Tracking the source that causes the transformations hidden in a bell, Robotman destroys it and it reverts all the zombies back to normal. However, during the fight, Madame Rouge manages to make her escape.

Meanwhile, Monsieur Mallah has activated his device in a Swedish logging camp, prompting the Chief to send Elasti-Girl to investigate. Although Elasti-Girl's large size gives her the advantage, she soon is defeated when the zombies combine their energies to change her into one of them, making her a slave to the Brotherhood as well. While in Africa, Negative Man makes short work of the uprising there. He is contacted by the Chief and informed of the trouble in Sweden and sends him with Robotman to rescue Rita. In order to give them an assist, the Chief contacts Mento and appeals to the telepaths fondness to Rita to get him to also go to her rescue.

In Sweden, the three men are captured by the Brotherhood, Rita is restored back to normal and the human members of the team are gassed and the Brotherhood boasts to Robotman how they intend to enslave the entire world. They also show him that the other Doom Patrol members are all on pillars that if they are removed from them will detonate killing them. With Larry reviving, Robotman fights off his captors and removes Mento's helmet and puts it on Larry, figuring they can use it to keep the Brotherhood's goons at bay while they escape. They realize that Mento's helmet only works with Mento, and so they force him to revive and keep their foes busy while Robotman frees Rita and Larry.

The members of the Brotherhood attack the Doom Patrol directly with traps specially made for each Doom Patrol member, but they manage to break free. When the Brotherhood is about to lose the fight they reveal that they rigged a bomb to go off and the Doom Patrol agree to let them leave, lest they be destroyed. When they return to Doom Patrol headquarters, Mento asks for membership in the Patrol, and the group decides to put it to vote via a black-ball method. When there turns out to be one black ball in the draw, the Doom Patrol decline his request for membership. Mento leaves with the assumption that Larry -- the only competition for Rita's affections -- however after he leaves Rita reveals that she was the one who voted against him joining the group, not wanting to cause turbulence with the team.



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