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Dorrance Building

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Dorrance Building

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Dorrance Building
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Quote1.png This is the house that evil built. Quote2.png
-- Robin


The Dorrance Building was a fifty-story office building located in the Central District of Hong Kong. Sir Edmond Dorrance, more commonly known as the King Snake conducted his multi-billion dollar heroin trade business from the Penthouse suites of this skyscraper. In addition to a cadre of professionally trained guards, King Snake also defended the building with state of the art security equipment from Roland Security.

Several years ago, King Snake arranged to have an ancient Arabian clock-tower disassembled and rebuilt inside the lobby of the Dorrance building. The clock was to act as a delivery system for a fifty-year-old sample of Nazi engineered Bubonic plague, which King Snake intended to disseminate throughout all of Hong Kong.

The crimefighter known as Robin, along with Lady Shiva and a DEA agent named Clyde Rawlins, broke into the Dorrance Building and prevented King Snake from releasing the contaminant. King Snake fought with Robin and Clyde inside the trophy room of his penthouse suite. He killed Rawlins, but Robin kicked King Snake through the window where he presumably fell to his doom. King Snake survived however, and returned to plague Robin and his mentor the Batman on several occasions.



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