Dynamic Man (Dynamic Comics)
Publication information
Publisher Dynamic Publications, Dynamite Entertainment
First appearance Dynamic Comics #1 (July 1941)
In-story information
Alter ego Bert McQuade
Abilities Flight
Superhuman Strength

Dynamic Man was an android superhero published by Dynamic Publications, Inc., one of Harry "A" Chesler's imprints. He has numerous similarities to an earlier character of the same name, including a similar origin story and powers. It is unclear to what extent this character was inspired from the earlier Dynamic Man.

He appeared in all issues of Dynamic Comics #1-3 and #8-24 (1941–48), and appeared on the covers of #2 and 3.

Fictional character biography

Dynamic Man was an android created by the brilliant scientist Dr. Moore, who was killed just as his creation reached completion. Dynamic Man then began his crime fighting career, and soon took the identity of Bert McQuade, a high school football coach recently killed. Bert's younger brother Ricky became his sidekick, Dynamic Boy. His powers, and Dynamic Boy's, included flight and super strength.

Project Superpowers

Dynamic Man appears in the mini-series Project Superpowers. He is shown to be the head of the "Dynamic Family" which consist of him, Dynamic Boy (now also an android), an unnamed female android and an army of androids. They are shown to be a secret power behind the world. Oddly the creative team chose to name this incarnation of Dynamic Man "Curt Cowan", the alias of the Timely Comics Dynamic Man currently bring revived in Marvel Comics' maxi-series The Twelve, similarly featuring a group of superheroes revived in modern times after being trapped in stasis during the last days of World War II.


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