Earth-148, a world called 'Ee'rath', is the adopted homeworld of Kylun.

Colin McKay was a mutant child who was fleeing from soldiers sent to capture him by Vixen. He discovered the robot Widget, who created a portal to transport Colin to this dimension.

The natives of Ee'rath regarded Colin's appearance as a good omen. They escorted him to the exiled royal household. The Queen, Ai'Ai'sha, placed Colin in the care of her counselor, a reptilian mystic named Zz'ria. He trained Colin to be a warrior. Colin aged and his mutant abilities transformed his features into a more leonine appearance. He took the symbol of Widget as his totem. Falling in love with the queen's daughter, Princess Sa'tneen, he proposed marriage to her, and she accepted.

Necrom, frightened of the strength of the queen's people, launched an attack. It soon turned into a massacre. Ai'sha, Zz'ria and thousands more perished. Sa'tneen and hundreds more were captured. Kylun gathered an army and freed Sa'tneen from the forces that planned to sacrifice her.

Decades ago, Necrom had managed to kill this world's version of Excalibur, made up of the Black Knight, Thor, Yeoman UK, and Spider-Man. The heroes were raised from the dead as mindless zombie shells by Necrom. Sa'tneen and Kylun confronted them, and during the battle, Sat'neen took an opportunity to strike at Necrom. This caused the zombies to fall, as Necrom's concentration was broken. This was not enough to defeat him, however, and he slayed Sa'tneen. Kylun impaled Necrom with a thrown sword. He shared a telepathic goodbye with his beloved, then noted that Necrom still lived.

Necrom, with the aid of a slave creature, fled into a structure known as the Tower that Crosses Time. Nobody had entered it in 20,000 years. Uncaring, Kylun followed. They emerged into Earth-616.


Sa'tneen, Necrom, Queen Ai'sha, Zz'ria, Yeoman UK, Spider-Man, Black Knight, Thor, Anti-Phoenix, Feron

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