In 1945, Batman and Captain America (and their sidekicks Robin (Dick Grayson) and Bucky) teamed up to find out why the Joker was trying to steal a nuclear warhead. When the Joker found out he was working for the Red Skull, a Nazi, he tried to end their partnership, but the Red Skull had the Joker knocked unconscious. With the warhead loaded on a plane headed for Washington, D.C., Captain America and Batman tried to stop it. The Joker awoke and tried to disarm the bomb, but his struggle with the Skull caused both of them to fall out of the plane. Batman and Cap took over the plane, averting disaster. At some point near the end of the war, Captain America disappeared. Twenty years later, the new Batman (Grayson) and the new Robin (Bruce Wayne, Jr.) found Captain America encased in a block of ice, and revived him. Back at the Batcave, the two, along with a retired Bruce Wayne, Sr., welcomed the hero back.


  • Marvel reality number [1] corresponds to a numbered alternate DC Universe.


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