Appearing in "The Graves of Oconoco!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Graves of Oconoco!"Edit

Undead corpses arise when explorers open their tomb.

Appearing in "Wardrobe of Monsters!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Wardrobe of Monsters!"Edit

reprint from Creepy #2

Appearing in "The Demon Wakes"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Demon Wakes"Edit

When an accountant pops off and murders three strangers with a gun the police are baffled. They are unaware that a demon named Moloch had broken free of its confinement and seized the man's mind.

Appearing in "Under the Skin!"Edit

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Under the Skin!"Edit

reprint from Eerie #3

Appearing in "The Doll Collector!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Doll Collector!"Edit

A woman is transformed into a doll to perform in the owner's stage show.

Appearing in "A Change in the Moon!"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Change in the Moon!"Edit

A man realizes that his girlfriend has become a werewolf and makes half-hearted attempts to kill her twice but each time she is saved by a man infected with lycanthrophy who wants her for his mate. When the moon becomes full, the two of them transform and confront the woman's lover. He shoots the male werewolf with silver bullets but finds he can't bring himself to kill his girlfriend. He allows her to scratch him so that they will hunt together on the next full moon.


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