Appearing in "Dracula's Guest"Edit

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Synopsis for "Dracula's Guest"Edit

Appearing in "Big-Time Operator!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Big-Time Operator!"Edit

A story featuring a mad scientist who uses victims of a plane crash to turn into various mythological creatures like the Medusa, Minotaur and others. He uses the creatures to form his own freak show, but they eventually turn on him and turn him into a freak like them.

Appearing in "Sara's Forest"Edit

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Synopsis for "Sara's Forest"Edit

This story features a girl who lives in the forest on her own. A pair of nomads come and meet her. The man falls in love with Sara and murders his wife. He grows bored of Sara quickly however and tries to leave for the city. She kills him and buries him with an acorn so he'll turn into a tree, apparently what happened to prior visitors of the forest.

Appearing in "Evil Spirits!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Evil Spirits!"Edit

The story features a woman who is in a haunted castle and is confronted by bad dreams and perhaps even ghosts. Her husband is cheating on her and the lover shows up, and they both kill each other. The husband, now with yet another lover, comes to the castle, where their ghosts remain waiting for revenge.

Appearing in "The Monument"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Monument"Edit

reprint from Eerie #3

Appearing in "Ahead of the Game!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Ahead of the Game!"Edit

reprint from Eerie #2


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