Appearing in "They Eat Babies......Don't They?"Edit

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Synopsis for "They Eat Babies......Don't They?"Edit

Taking place in a medieval setting, monsters in the woods have been capturing children. A mysterious man who can heal people appears and asks the king to let him help keep the kids safe by putting them in his care. The kingdom instead hires a mysterious knight known as the Exterminator. The Exterminator realizes that the healer is working with the monsters and attacks them, defeating both of them. He finds a spaceship they are from and kills the healer, who tries to tell him that they are actually there to save the children from the cruelties of the world. The Exterminator afterwards finds the children unharmed. He later speaks to someone from the future, revealing him to be a robot.

Appearing in "Webtread's Powercut"Edit

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Synopsis for "Webtread's Powercut"Edit

The Spook comes across a beaten old witch, Jessala, who tells him of the people who attacked her. Spook heads there and kills the men, chopping off their fingers and using it to bring her back to life.

Appearing in "The Pepper Lake Monster"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Pepper Lake Monster"Edit

A man resolves to capture a Loch Ness-type creature, but after he succeeds, the local townsfolk murder him and release the beast so as not to be deprived of their tourist attraction.

Appearing in "Mind Of The Mass!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Mind Of The Mass!"Edit

Child is on the run after scaring a little girl while traveling through a new town. He meets a blind old woman whom he befriends. The town mob, thinking she's a witch burns her at the stake, but her house ends up collapsing on them. Child is left alone once again.

Appearing in "Knucklebones To Fever Twitch"Edit

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Synopsis for "Knucklebones To Fever Twitch"Edit

A group of slave traders end up starving all the slaves on their ship to death. Spook makes a deal with Jessala to bring them back to life as zombies and they take revenge on them.

Appearing in "Carnage In Costume"Edit

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Synopsis for "Carnage In Costume"Edit

This time Archaeus is coming after a juror holding a costume party. Sanford and Jamaica head there hoping to catch him but fail when rings around the host's neck (part of his costume) end up killing him. Jamaica meanwhile meets Archaeus in person when she goes to meet her sister in law, who just happens to be his neighbor.


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"The Pepper Lake Monster" is reprinted in Berni Wrightson Master of the Macabre #1


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